1. What type of sites do you represent?

Answer: We focus on the female demographic and have a strong presence in the baby/parenting market, as well as specific health categories.

2. What actual site names do you represent?

Answer: You can email or call our Sales Executive, Large Account Ad Buys, and describe a little more about your needs and he can discuss the website(s) appropriate to your targeting.

3. I don't have much money to spend. What advertising opportunities can you offer me?

Answer: Our minimum buy level is $1500, but even that may not be available if our partner publishers do not want to accept a particular buy at that level. Our average buys are between $5,000 - $50,000. You can always email us to ask if something at the level of dollars you are thinking could be available.

4. I have a lot to spend on a buy but only if I can run a small test campaign first. Is this doable?

Answer: The answer to this is similar to the question above. It depends upon if the partner publishers that would fit your campaign are willing to run a small test campaign on their site and what a "small test" is defined as by you. You can work with a HerAgency Sales Executive to find out more about this.

5. I want to establish a business partnership for my CPA (cost per action) and/or CPS (cost per sale) affiliate program. Can you help?

Answer: We do not run affiliate programs or any cost per action type of campaigns. One exception to this is that we do offer CPL (cost per lead) co-registrations or "offers" type of campaigns, particularly in our parenting website segment for "free offers". These programs are very specific, have data collection involved with them, and have certain minimum buys as well. You can work with a HerAgency Sales Executive to find out more about this.


1. What type of websites do you consider for representation?

Answer: We focus on the female demographic. We have a strong client demand in the baby/parenting segment as well as health, but consider other segments as well, depending upon the general client interest and advertising viability in various female-oriented segments. In order to really be considered a viable targeted opportunity for a client, a website should be able to demonstrate at least 100,000 unique visitors per month... but sometimes this varies. A strong mailing list would have at least 300,000 subscribers with a strong "open" rate (but again, this varies if you have a really desirable select list). Sites with a strong unique visitor ratio tend to perform better than sites that tend to have the same people come back again and again. Sites that are content rich tend to be more attractive to advertisers, but again, this is not always the case. Sites that look professional, clean, and updated also tend to be more attractive to advertisers. We look for where the current activity is with female-oriented advertising dollars and partner with viable websites that can provide effective performance to present them to clients and get these websites added to RFP's and bids.

For publishers interested in representation, see our Publishers Page

2. Are you exclusive?

Answer: No. We work on a campaign by campaign basis.

3. How much money can I make?

Answer: This is a common question with no real concrete answer. It depends upon the viability and track record of your site, how the clients feel about having their advertising on your site, how their advertising performs on your site, the market, the demand, whether the client has enough other options to negotiate, etc. There can be many variables that affect a website's ability to grow an effective revenue stream via advertising.

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