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HerAgency.com has been focused on female-oriented websites since 1995. We know our market. We have established relationships with top advertising clients. We have an excellent knowledgebase for what works best in the advertiser-publisher relationship. We know the market prices and work to get the best deal for the publisher while making sure the client also has an effective ROI so they return again and again for repeat business. We educate our advertising clients on what our publisher partners can provide them and we educate our publisher partners on how to get the most effectiveness for their clients so website owners can increase their revenue and enhance their reputation as a great website with which to advertise. We focus on presenting your site to advertisers so you, as a website owner, can focus on growing your traffic and audience effectiveness.

If you are a website that has primarily a women's audience (or you have a health-related website), and you would like to be considered for HerAgency representation, please complete the form below:

Note: If you have more than one website property to consider, please submit one form per website.

If our team feels it would be a good match for HerAgency.com to represent your website to our clients, we will call and go more in depth about your website so that we have a thorough understanding.

We are not an ad network. We present websites to clients and respond to specific RFP's and campaign opportunities. We check with our publisher partners to make sure they can fulfill on anything a client may be asking for with their website and to make sure you are comfortable with the pricing the client is interested in paying. If a client selects your website for one of their buys, we will generate an Insertion Order for you to review and sign. In this way, we have what we call a "non-exclusive" relationship with our publisher partners, except for the clients where we are either in the presentation stage or have actually secured business in your behalf.

We look forward to the opportunity to do business together!

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